Computers & Technology :: Apple has been trolled again, now in China

China have mastered alcohol putting pressure on large companies, with one of the planet?s most beneficial companies, Apple, being precisely the latest victim. Last week, a judge in the Beijing Patent Court ruled that Apple?s iPhone 6 class of smartphones is violating the intellectual property rights of an Chinese company called “Shenzhen Baili Marketing Services”. It?s a curious outcome for that technology giant from Cupertino, as the Chinese Company is so small, it doesn?t? also have a internet site. Nobody is answering the product number indexed in legal court papers. And when journalists on the Wall Street Journal chosen to dig deeper and proceed to the company?s official address, pupil there have been no offices, knowning that nobody had have you heard of the corporation either.

Still, Shenzhen Baili was represented in the courtroom by the real patent lawyer, Mr Andy Yang, who also had helped prepare the applications for your patents granted to employees of the corporation. At he heart of the legal court case where images of business designs for just two phones allegedly created by Shenzhen Baili, the 100C and 100C Plus. They supposedly proved any time developing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the engineers in Cupertino had simply copied devices developed by their unknown Chinese rivals. Mr. Yang argues until this may be the first proven case of the American company stealing the intellectual property of any Chinese firm. If Apple copied its rival, it managed it with unerring accuracy. The phone cases, for instance, have curves that match the Chinese “original” to your hundredth connected with an arc, and so it is true of the rest of the design elements from the two phones.

Surprisingly, though, neither the 100C nor the 100C Plus are available location in China. They can not be been on any store, with no reputable website has ever published a graphic of either phone.

Some retailers have stepped forward, testifying that they’ve sold an abundance of Shenzhen Baili phones, but none ones continues to be in a position to show journalists any; when challenged, these shopkeepers declare that almost all their stock has sold out.

It?s a somewhat intriguing situation, including as Shenzhen Baili?s patent was issued by the Chinese Patent Office four months before Apple received a patent through the US Patent Office. The Chinese court?s verdict which highly dubious, because doing so prohibits the sale of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models only in Beijing, and never the full of China. No explanation may be given why these patents has been infringed only from the Chinese capital. Apple due to its part says that it’s going to overlook the case and attempt to sell its smartphones.

It?s not initially Apple has run across patent trouble in China. The same Beijing Court stopped Apple from making use with the manufacturers “iPhone” and “iPad” just because a Chinese manufacturer of bags and purses registered them previously. In China, iphone spesification Apple sells the “6”, not the iPhone 6.

Despite such trouble, US companies continues to address for use of the Chinese market; it?s too large to allow them to be capable of neglected. Gaining or retaining market leadership in China, however, are not easy, because US companies will have to address not exactly the phantom menace of disconcerting companies inside the patent courts, but in addition real rivals, like China?s homegrown technology giants Huawei and ZTE.