Conair Foot Spa

A� 6 powerful water jets
A� 4 removable foot massage rollers
A� 4 aerating bubble strips
A� Ceramic mesh filter
A� Touch pad controls
A� Vibration setting
A� Heat setting
A� Bubbles and heat setting
A� Retractable cord
The Conair spa is user friendly with rubberized grips for simple handling. The ceramic mesh filter is sturdy enough to make sure the water costs nothing of waste and easy to scrub up when finished. The benefits from the Conair Spa are limitless. One of the biggest reasons people purchase a foot spa is to de-stress from a long day. As the stress levels decrease, energy increase which bring balance returning to the body. The Conair spa can be excellent for your
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health, by releasing toxins out of your body and stimulating growth, it does not take perfect substitute for feel invigorated and fresh.
The Conair spa can relieve tired feet with a bubble, heat, or vibration setting. Although the bulky nature of the foot spa is difficult to hold, commemorate up for it with all the sturdiness and convenience for everyday relaxation. Simply fill the spa, use it and make preparations to wind down. The hydrotherapy is pristine and will benefit anyone who is on the feet all day long or who just really wants to take a moment and relax. The Conair spa can be an ultimate pedicure machine at the right price.