Differences in Alternatives to OEM Parts

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts for any type of mechanism are expensive and can take several days to arrive, depending on where the factory is located. Companies that manufacturer alternative parts and systems have been responding to the needs of the trucking industry for decades. Systems, such as coilover suspension kits, can be replaced quicker and at less expense than OEM counterparts. Truck and fleet owners have to be careful when choosing alternatives because quality and durability differ. There are inferior versions, high-quality versions, and parts that fall into the middle of that range.

When considering initial costs, going for the lowest price is tempting. The factors to keep in mind, at that point, are the likelihood of repairs and the possibility of premature replacement. Purchasing a cheap part will not save money if repairs costs mount up, downtime increases, and the part will have to be replaced sooner than anticipated. Deliveries may be delayed, schedules will have to be altered, and customers will not be impressed. The lower initial cost can end up costing double what a higher-quality part may have cost in the first place. It is well worth the time and effort to compare experience, materials, pricing, and warranties before deciding on a manufacturer of alternatives to OEM parts.

Experienced manufacturers are innovators when it comes to design, suspension solutions, and multiple options. Owners have to ensure that alternative parts will still meet payload requirements, maintain compliance with safety standards, and operate within manufacturer specifications. Replacement suspension parts and sliding sub-frames that are Genuine Hutch are built to exceed OEM specifications and tolerances. That means original warranties will not be voided on off-road, on-road, and heavy duty vans, flatbed trailers, and inter-modal suspension systems.

There are eleven series of suspensions, plus pin release systems, from which to choose so finding an alternative for a variety of trailers and trucks is easy. The replacement parts themselves also come with warranties. Some systems are available with a ten-year warranty that is not matched by any other manufacturer. The Series 10 slider, designed for dry vans and refrigerated trailers, is lightweight, durable, and comes with a ten-year warranty. High-quality replacement parts will be more cost-effective long-term than cheaper options. Owners and fleet managers can look for the Hutch mark to be sure they are getting excellent alternatives to OEM systems. The difference will be noticed in fewer repairs, less downtime, and durability of parts.