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solar panels have always recently been criticized as bulky and unattractive, but John Travers the handyman dublin  8 says, New solar – panel technology is beginning to make such criticisms a thing of the earlier.

Solar Growth

While everyone agrees solar powered energy is a clean, cost-effective energy source, there has always been one problem. The solar plank systems very large and rather bulky. Frankly, they don’t increase the beauty of a home. While photo voltaic panel designs have better over the years, a new development involving shingles is getting a whole lot of attention.

Photovoltaic shingles are a major design breakthrough for many who have a distaste for large photo voltaic panel systems. These shingles are, well, shingles.

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They will replace the shingles on a roof, but have the actual physical of a regular roof. Whilst they are black, they do not standout from the roof structure in the manner of panels. Instead, the his or her look like a regular roof and many people cannot distinguish. Obviously, this seamless design is much better than the bulky designs of panel systems according to the handyman dublin 8

The technological breakthrough that makes the brand new technology possible is released of thin film solar cells. Known as “amorphous silicon thin alloy technology”, the designers essentially moved back from traditional solar power panel designs and do some thinking. What they realized is the materials used in panels are not the only ones that could be used. With no getting overly technical, the look team came up with a solution where more efficient cells could be built on a metallic substrate says John Travers. Each super thin cellular was tailored to record different spectrums of the sunlight. When layered on top of each other, they became extremely effective at producing power.

The ultimate result is a system that can take a seat directly on the roof top of a home or building, is more effective than regular solar sections and much more interesting from a visual point of view. If you’re excuse for not using solar in the past was the bulky system, you need to rethink solar.

Can this new technology become the breakthrough we have been looking forward to in photo voltaic power?

It already is if you consider just the following:

1. The United States Army is building a solar power community using it.

2. Museums in Beijing, Cina are converting to it.

3. Habitat for Humankind is using the system on many of the homes it builds.

4. Lockheed Martin is testing with the technology as a power source for high altitude flights.

On the view of many experts, this new technology represent a serious breakthrough in solar energy. With energy prices exploding, solar presents the best solution to decreasing our dependence on limited oil and natural gas resources. Fortunately, the sun will be providing free power for the foreseeable future.

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