Email Marketing is Dead?

Every day, restrictions on your freedom of speech are put into place by spam filters and privacy laws. Ironically, current “anti-spam” legislation actually enables anyone to send unsolicited bulk email (aka spam) with ease. Supply a renegade with weapons and havoc will inevitably be wrought.
And it’s only getting worse…
Some statistics estimate that in the next few years, email will have grown so much that it will be nearly impossible to accurately perform a successful marketing campaign – you’ll have to compete with thousands of other messages, most of which shall needless to say be disregarded by the prospective reader as junk mail.
This development will also amplify the rate that people sign up for new (blank) email accounts and abandon old ones – without telling you.
In other words, you’ll be plummeting yourself into a black hole, void of any commercial viability; and in a sense, email marketing is dead, despite its heightened effectiveness as a marketing tool.
how many hoops must you jump through just to get an email delivered, opened, read and acted upon?
Frankly don’t have to.
The problems of the past are now obsolete with the onset of new desktop communication software that provides 100% delivery rates along with immediate and direct communication with contacts.
Those who take advantage of this technology never again have to worry about whether their clientele receive their messages, and can enjoy the added benefit of garnering near-instant attention via the desktop interface.
Can you imagine the sheer power of the ability to virtually jump out of a person’s computer and speak to them, and what that could do for any business? (Hint: It’s practically guaranteed to skyrocket results.)
However, even considering its astronomical return on investment, the small business owner previously could never afford this technology, especially with the monthly fees. The complex infrastructure, not to mention endless thousands of dollars in development costs, closed the door on the otherwise tantalizing opportunity.
Thankfully, those times are long gone. There are now options available for even the most disadvantaged entrepreneur to harness the same functionality for pennies on the dollar.
Better yet, many solutions are ready-made so you can simply plug them in to your existing activities.
Weighing in the alternative (being at the mercy of fickle email providers), it’s a thoroughly wise decision to seize the chance to drastically boost your bottom line.
Don’t allow your business to die off by the hands of stifling bureaucracy. There is another way, and it is a bright path indeed. Embrace the future… The revolution is now!