Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas Tips and Tricks

Lear Jet or Dodo PlaneIf you go down to the Los Santos worldwide airport there will be a gate. Right following to it will be a hut like creating with a gentleman inside of. He will say only people with traveling liscences can get in. If you park a auto of any size parallel to the gate you can jump above the gate and when you are above you can fly a dodo plane or a lear jet.Discover the AT-400Go to Las Venturas airport, then go to the greatest hanger of the runway, stand subsequent to the garage and it ought to open, and the is the AT-400. Be aware: You must have a pilot’s license to be valid to get in the airplane.Helicopter – Los Santos Seaside

Trace helicopter on the beach front in los santos go to the seaside where you have to do the mission for og loc and somewhere around that spot there will be a fire division helicopter you can only generate it if you did all of the missions and unlocked Las venturas.Helicopter – Los Santos BeachPolice helicopter go to los santos and permit the police capture then you will end up by the police station and put in the jet pack cheat and fly on the building and at times a police helicopter will be there to change on the spotlight press L3 at night.Courting missions Locating BarbaraYou can find Barbara at the El Quebrados Sheriff parking great deal among sixteen:00 and 06:00.Relationship missions Obtaining HelenaYou can locate Helena in the Blueberry location of Crimson County, having shooting practice on prime of the Ammu-Country store from 08:00 to twelve:00 and 14:00 to 02:00.Easy MissionsWhen undertaking a mission in which you have to chase somebody in a automobile or boat, use the blow up all vehicles cheat and the mission will be full.Pass your Driving TestWhen doing your driving university check do the well being cheat even though performing the examination you will have % on your hurt penalty.

Locate Vice City and Liberty CityThis cheat has been documented inaccurate. Take a airplane and fly east or south-east and you will discover vice metropolis and liberty city.Fly FasterWhen you are in a plane move up and down and you will go fast.LeatherfaceGo to Blueberry In Red County. Maintain likely and you will find sheds and chopped wooden. Go to the tree which is cut in the middle at :00-two:00. There you will find Leatherface. Be warned, he cannot be killed!Sniper Rifle PickupGo to the Los Santos hospital, then jetpack to the prime of it. There will be a sniper rifle with 20 bullets. Tips: money hack gta 5