High Quality Versatile Skis for All Conditions

Most experienced skiers prefer a model of ski that can perform well in a variety of snow conditions. It is more cost-effective, and eliminates the need to pack or rent different types. The All-Mountain type of skis, such as Volkl Mantra skis, are designed to be lightweight, versatile, and easy to maneuver. They can be used on groomed trails, firm or icy snow, soft powder, and choppy off-trail conditions.

This particular model of völkl skis is a fully rockered ski. That means the middle of the ski rests on a flat surface, with the tips and tails off the snow. The design allows the skis to glide on the surface for increased speed and agility. The Volkl Mantra skis have a multiple layer wood core that is dense underfoot and softer at the tips for resilience. They also have titanal sheets to absorb vibration and improve sensitivity. The combination makes them consistently responsive in all conditions.

The manufacturer has been engineering, designing, and making skis for over ninety years. One innovation, developed in 2007, utilized power switch technology to allow skiers to transform the characteristics of the skis to suit snow conditions, as well as the fitness level of the skier. The manual switch is used in many brands of skis today. In addition to Volkl Mantra skis, that are available in for lengths, There are several other models offered for racing, touring, big mountain, freestyle, and alpine skiing. A park and pipe model is also available.

A few considerations of note have been included in reviews of this brand and model of skis. They are a bit heavy at slightly over nine pounds, which may be an issue for light skiers and those just beginning the sport. The large turn radius is ideal for carving, but may be cumbersome for tight turns. The radius can be shortened a little to allow for great sliding. Overall, the skis are ranked high when compared to other brands.

The high-quality of these skis means they last for many years without performance being compromised. That translates to these skis begin an excellent choice to purchase used. Some skis diminish in performance as they wear, meaning used ones will not be as fun or responsive to the skier. A used pair of these skis will perform just as well as a new pair. Skiers who have never tried this manufacturer can do so at reduced costs. Once they have experienced the versatility and performance, they will be ready to purchase a new pair.