How To Advertise Effectively With Local SEO

If you have an accounting business that services the Atlanta metro area, for example, why should you have to compete with an accountant in Seattle for a position on page 1 of a search engine? You’re not looking for business in Seattle.
Well, you don’t have to do that anymore. Local SEO services, and some things you can do with your site solve the problem. I’m going to tell you how to market your local or regional business and get found on the search engines:
* Create an entry on Google Places for your business. Just go into Google and enter “Google Places” (without the quotes) and you’ll see the link. Fill it in completely. Add all the images you can find about your business. Choose the keyword from the list that Google Places gives you, and then add as many more keywords as allowed. Once your Google Places entry is approved, have 3 of your customers write a review of your business on Google Places. Three reviews should be all you need to get a top ranking in the Google Maps box that displays locally when one of your keywords is entered.
* OK, you’ve taken care of being found in your home town. Do you want to be found in the cities around you? Put a paragraph at the bottom of EVERY page on your site that begins with “Cities served:” and enter a comma-delimited list of cities around you that you’d like to appear on page 1 for.
* Do you cover a state? Under the “Cities served” paragraph, put one saying “States served:” and add a comma-delimited list of states. Again, do this on EVERY page of your site.
You have now done what you need to do with your site to be found by the search engines. Now you need to get traffic to your site because traffic to your site ultimately becomes business to you.
There are two ways to get traffic to your site. Buy it, or do article marketing. If you buy traffic with Google AdWords, you are probably going to pay over $1.00 per click and get minimal traffic. Article marketing improves your search engine ranking, and the # 1 organic (as in “free”) position on a page gets 42% of all the traffic to that page.
If you’re not familiar with local SEO services, there is no better time than right now to understand it and article marketing too.

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