Internet Marketing Tips – Don’t Expect Any Proof

Let’s take a hypothetical situation. John Doe is selling a system on how to do niche marketing. His system is going to show you how to pick a niche, how to monetize it and how to promote it. Simple enough? Okay, so now Jane Smith wants proof that this system works. She doesn’t want to sink $97 into some eBook or whatever it is until John Doe can prove beyond the shadow of any doubt that this system WILL work for her. Well, that proof doesn’t exist and here is why.
For starters, any income proof today, with the technology that we have, can be faked. Sure, screen prints are easy with Photoshop. But even videos of marketers logging into their Clickbank or PayPal accounts can be faked. With certain JavaScript commands, you can set up pages that look like the real thing but aren’t. And with some video editing, you can easily make it look like you’re logging into a real account when all along it’s just a fake.
But let’s say that the income proof you’re seeing is real. Well, then there is the next problem up the ladder. You don’t REALLY know how that money got INTO the account. Sure, it could have come from this great niche marketing method. But it could have just as easily come from this guy just selling the book, or from some other endeavor. You really have no way of knowing just where that income came from.
Okay, let’s now assume that the income DID come from this niche marketing method. It still proves nothing. Why? Because there are many variables involved in marketing. There is the amount of money that this person poured into the campaign. Even if they made 100K, you have know idea of whether or not they had to spend 200K to make it. You don’t know what expenses are so you don’t know how profitable it REALLY is.
And if that’s not enough, then there is the biggest variable of marketer’s skill level. Sure, maybe he made all this money using this niche marketing method and maybe he didn’t have to spend a lot of money to do it. But it’s quite possible that this marketer is also very skilled at copywriting or something else that made it easy for him to pull this off…something that if YOU were to do yourself, you would NOT get the same results.
Point is, if you want proof that something works, you’re wasting your time. I can prove to you that I make money online, but there is no way I can guarantee that if you do EXACTLY what I do that you’ll make the same amount of money as I do. Our skills are different, our work ethic is different, our budgets will probably be different and on and on. You and me are NOT the same. Therefore, anything I teach you, no matter how well it works for me, may do absolutely NOTHING for you.
Once you understand this, you’ll actually be on your way to earning a decent living online. Why? Because you’ll understand that the only thing that matters is testing things to see what works for YOU. It’s the reason why I stay away from so many things that others do even though I know it works for them. Because we are individuals, we can’t plug something into our heads and get the same results as the guy next door.
So do your research and buy “how to” stuff carefully. But understand that no matter how good the system may seem to you on the surface, ultimately, it’s going to be YOUR skill, bank account, work ethic, and a whole lot of other things, that will determine how successful YOU are.
To YOUR Success,
Steven Wagenheim

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