Own a Piece of Wide Open Space

So many people dream of living or working in wide open spaces, but only a few actually do it. The opportunities are available, so explore the feasibility of purchasing land for a home or business. Recreational property listings can be found in most states. The classification signifies land that has access to one or more aspects of outdoor recreation. That can be as simple as a small ranch on which to retire, or as detailed as a ski or hunting lodge with hundreds of acres available for development. Land that includes a stream for fishing, or trails for hiking, can be the ideal place to build a family home.

The benefits of wide open spaces, such as several listings of Montana land for sale, is that there is plenty of space to live and work. There are many listings currently on the idaho ranches for sale Trophy Properties website, for example, that include a hotel or resort, as well as a private homes. Others have enough space to accommodate development and residential buildings. A working cattle or bison farm, a home near stables to support equestrian sports, or a cabin amid mountain hunting grounds can supply both living and working opportunities. The land is an investment that can also support the family.

Imagine purchasing the type of land that you have read about in Sports Afield magazine where big game wander and waterfowl nest. It does exist, and a lot of it is currently for sale. Come up with a budget, write down some ideas of how the land can be profitable, and seek out the services of a real estate agent with expertise in recreational property. Fifty to one-hundred acres of land inhabited by bighorn sheep, mule deer, antelope, and other large wildlife will attract outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and photographers all year around. A small hotel or retreat lodge, guided tours, and rental equipment can pay for the land in a few short years. Add a restaurant as business grows and never have to hold down a nine-to-five job in an office ever again.

Those not interested in developing the land can purchase it now, and build a home on it later. Spend retirement fishing for wild pike or trout in the stream that runs through the property. Invite the grandchildren to go snowmobiling during the holidays, or remain active by hiking the trails. Take in spectacular views, enjoy the peace and quiet, and walk for miles without seeing a neighbor. Dreaming about wide open spaces may help people get through the work week, but owning wide open spaces will help people enjoy what the outdoors has to offer. Go to www.SportsAfieldTrophyProperties.com to view listed properties, and explore the possibilities available.