Termite Control is a Complex Technique

One of the most destructive and unexpected hazards to hit a home is the invasion of termites. Most people have no idea that termites are even present, let alone compromising the overall structural integrity of their home, until a fair amount of damage has occurred. At this point, homeowners are in need of professional termite control to help eliminate the problem, keep the pests from returning, and restore damaged materials. One quick call to a company like Ortex Termite and pest control bed bugs will start the eradication process and gradually return a house to its original strength and beauty.

Termite Pest Control is no easy process. Unlike many insect infestations, a homeowner can’t just spray a simple pesticide and expect the problem to be solved. Termites are much more resilient and harder to find since they live in large colonies, yet are rarely found out in the open. They also typically return to a food source unless a permanent barrier is constructed. Professional exterminators know how to recognize the severity of this situation and are prepared to handle it accordingly. They have several treatment techniques at their disposal that can be combined to ensure that the infestation is completely removed. To start with, a termiticide is used in the soil around the home. Many exterminators use a system of ground stakes that slowly release the chemical over an extended period of time. These professionals will return for several months after the initial application to refill the stakes and keep the barrier strong. Baited termite traps are also set up, both inside and outside the structure, to attract, trap, and kill any of the destructive insects. Finally, the affected wood and all vulnerable surrounding areas should be treated with an effective pesticide. Combining these three pest control techniques is the best way to ensure that a home stays free and clear of another termite infestation.

Termites not only feed on structural wood, they also are attracted to dead vegetation, animal waste, and fungus. Homeowners with busy schedules often don’t have the proper time to keep all the plant waste cleaned up around their home. The longer it sits, the higher probability of fungus developing, which can eventually attack termites. Although this may seem like an odd measure to take, applying fungus treatments around a home or on interior areas that are prone to moisture, aids in enforcing the established protective barrier. Fungus is damaging enough, even without the added threat ot termites. The exterminators at companies like Ortex Termite and Pest Control look for this form of vegetation and treat it accordingly. They also consult with the homeowner about the presence of the fungus and suggest ways to keep it from returning. Their main goal is to eliminate all existing termites, prohibit their return, and ensure that any possible attractants are no longer present. Once clients have seen what all is involved with removing these pests, they will surely work hard to keep their home safe.