The Best Fluffy Coconut Flour Pancakes1

I’m so excited because today We get to grab Tony in the airport. We’ve a fun couple of days planned in Chicago, after that I’ll be going back again to Alabama with him for another week or so. He usually by no means gets any moment off during the season so we are going to soak up some Summertime in the city.
The agenda up to now consists of heading to Eataly, seeing a show at Second City, watching the new Jurassic Recreation area movie and undoubtedly, eating at all of the delicious restaurants I picked out myself. If it had been an option, Tony would select deepdish pizza each and every time.
Another great perk of him approaching home is that I get to make him breakfast AKA the best meal of the day. Getting the romantic which i am, I always adore treating him to a particular breakfast. I don’t believe we’ve ever endured boring cereal together during our whole relationship. We’re generally always making something different. Or should I say, I’m generally trying out different formulas on him.
The nice part? I could always depend on him to help make the bacon because you understand, guys and their meats obsession. SMH.
The last time I baked Tony something with coconut flour in it, he fell in love and ate half the loaf for brunch. I had been a little amazed because coconut flour includes a little another texture and taste, but obviously he appreciated it quite a bit.
This time around I’m thinking about whipping up a batch of the coconut flour pancakes for him to try. I made them last week and nearly ate the entire recipe myself in between photoshoots. Sometimes I’m such a savage when it comes to food. No forks required. Seriously.
These coconut flour pancakes are SO SO So excellent. I had to check them about 4 different times to get the ideal and fluffy result I wanted. The secret? Adding just a little nut butter to the coconut flour pancake batter for both taste and to help bind the batter. Worked as promised. Here are the substances I love in these pancakes:
Coconut flour: I used Investor Joe’s coconut flour. All coconut flours appear to be a bit different so you might need to add a small extra AlmondBreeze to the recipe when the batter is as well thick.
Nut butter: Since I’m not paleo, I utilized peanut butter (MY ENTIRE LIFE OBSESSION) but almond or cashew butter would also work!
Eggs: Most coconut flour formulas call for what appears like a dozen eggs. This one only offers two!
Applesauce: Only a tiny bit keeps the pancakes fine and moist.
Almond Air flow: I really like using their original flavor but you could also try the Coconutmilk Almondmilk for a coconut flavor boost.
Crazy Blueberries: Yes, wild blueberries will be the BEST! I recommend choosing the organic kind if that’s an option for you; this time around of year they have probably the most delicious flavor.
I would recommend serving these with refreshing organic eggs and a side of turkey bacon. Such a great breakfast!
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Prep time:
10 mins
Cook time:
10 mins
Total period:
20 mins
¼ cup coconut flour
¼ teaspoon baking soda
2 tablespoons your preferred organic nut butter of preference (I like peanut or almond butter)
2 eggs, slightly beaten
1/2 medium banana, mashed
For the syrup:
In large bowl whisk jointly coconut flour and baking soda; set aside. In another medium bowl, defeat nut butter, eggs, honey, banana and almond milk together until soft and well combined. Add wet ingredients to flour mix and mix jointly. Note: If you discover the fact that batter is WAY too solid (nearly paste like), you can include in a teaspoon or two of dairy until it is smooth, but still dense.
Lightly coat a big non-stick skillet or griddle with butter or coconut oil and place over medium low heat (coconut flour is sensitive to burning so medium-low heat is most beneficial). Drop about 3 tablespoons of the batter onto the skillet; you may want to use a spoon to spread out the batter only a small bit. It’s important not to place more than 3 tablespoons of batter at a time; the pancakes could be really difficult to flip if they’re too big, so smaller pancakes are best. Plus mini pancakes are adorable, duh. It’s very important to cook until bubbles appear on top and the edges are well cooked. Flip cakes and prepare until golden brownish on underside, 2 minutes. If you find that this pancakes are browning too quickly then you have to lower your skillet warmth a bit. Wipe skillet clean and repeat with an increase of melted butter or cooking spray and remaining batter. Makes 2 portions, 3 pancakes each.
To make the syrup, place maple syrup and blueberries in saucepan more than medium heat. Wait until mixture starts to simmer and boil, and stir every few minutes. Once mixture begins to break down and blueberries cook down about five minutes, remove from temperature and serve warm more than pancakes immediately.
Nutrition information will not include blueberry syrup because everyone likes topping their pancakes differently.
To create these completely paleo: Be sure to work with a paleo-friendly nut butter.
Please usually do not try to sub regular flour for coconut flour; the effect will not be the same.
I love serving these using a side of turkey bacon and eggs.
xx Kelly
I followed this recipe exactly, way too heavy. I ended up using yet another 3/4 glass of milk.
It’s one of those waste of period and waste materials of ingredients, We through the entire batch in the trash after the first 1 wouldn’t cook up.
Tried to provide one star, would not let me.
We tried this at the moment – a cosy rainy Sunday morning hours after my first week (in weeks) of clean-eating and working away- really hit the spot.
Fun and an easy task to produce highly recommenced.