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The Sumo Museum inside the Kokugikan Stadium in Tokyo is worth a visit for its collection of images and clothing items from past and present, whilst a number of chanko nabe (hot pot) restaurants in the Ryogoku district are run by retired sumo wrestlers and feature a dohyo ring for photo opportunities, a great option if visiting Japan outside of official tournaments.osaka japanese cuisine cordova tn

Doguyasuji is known for its kitchen supplies, and also for its izakaya bars and restaurants at night. When you visit Osaka, shopping and sight-seeing is of course very fun, but you can’t leave without eating Osaka local specialties! But, for those who like their ramen dark and strong, the signature Osaka Black, a punchy dark shoyu broth thick with curly noodles and topped with tender chasyu (BBQ pork) and shallots is the ticket.

This place offers a lot of fermented dishes that go well with local sake, including sashimi flavored with sudachi” (a kind of Japanese citrus) and special salt that concealed dried koji” (malted rice) in rock salt, and saikyo yaki” (Kyoto-style grilled fish) wherein the fish is soaked in koji and then its sweetness is extracted through miso. It is even better if you have a portable stove that you can put in the middle of the table for keeping the nabe hot (this is the meal’s main idea).osaka japanese cuisineosaka japanese cuisine menu

However, having lived in Osaka for more than 2
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years now, I think the place doesn’t deserve such criticism. Sushi chef Ken Namba founded Kiriko in 1999, with a philosophy of creating classic sushi with modern touches. As you reach the castle, there are stone steps that lead to the top of the castle’s stone walls; a great vantage point for a view of Osaka Castle moat and the city.

One of Japan’s most famous hot springs resorts is the town of Kinosaki Onsen , an ancient town dating back to the 8th century with numerous pockets of hot mineral water and many traditional buildings. When I was attending university in the United States years ago, one of my go-to meals when I really needed some motherly comfort food, was Japanese curry. Realistic looking ornaments for your home or as gifts for friends, the variety of plastic food in Osaka is astounding.

Inunakiyama Onsen, a popular hot spring district hidden away in the suburbs of Osaka. For travelers who take their food excursions very seriously, any restaurant with the coveted Michelin Star ought to be checked out and sampled. The restaurant was quite full and we had to share a table with two Japanese ladies. Ichiran is a tonkotsu (pork based broth) ramen chain with branches in 15 different prefectures.[\CONTENT]
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