What Do Companies Need To Know About Arc Flash Precaution

In Florida, companies that work in electrical environments are at a higher risk of an arc flash. These conditions could lead to a serious explosion and cause multiple fatalities. They cause extensive property damage as well. The following are details that companies need to know about personal protective grounding equipment and prevention strategies.

A Review of the Property

The consultants enter the property and conduct an inspection. These inspections help them to identify all conditions that could generate an arc flash. The arc flash study Florida is required under OSHA regulations. These studies must be conducted before the business opens and at regular intervals to remain compliant with OSHA regulations. A failure to conduct these studies could lead to a violation of federal regulations. It could also cause an unwanted shutdown of the company until a new study has been conducted.

Training for Their Maintenance Workers

The electrical safety consultants Florida provide maintenance workers with additional training. This training provides them with the steps needed to prevent an arch flash. This includes regular maintenance strategies to prevent on-the-job injuries and serious property damage. As policies continue to change the maintenance training courses will become available to the workers.

Lock Out Tag Out Procedures

Lock out tag out procedures are also a vital part of keeping the property and workers safe. These procedures are required for all machinery that is being serviced. The maintenance staff must place a lock on the machinery to prevent others from starting it. They must affix a tag onto it to explain why it isn’t operational.

Enforcement of Protective Gear Requirements

The consultants identify all protective gear needed by the workers. They ensure that each workspace has a label identifying the exact gear required for these areas. They are required according to the risk level presented. The company learns more about the best strategies to lower risks to their workers and ensure that no one becomes injured.

Ongoing Evaluations and Implementing New Policies

The OSHA regulations define how often the studies must be performed. They also show companies how to conduct these studies and implement new policies. The owner must ensure that these requirements are enforced.

In Florida, companies must complete arc flash studies to keep their workers safe. In an electrical environment, a risk of an arc flash is far greater than other environments. They could present the possibility of severe burns and fatalities. Companies that need assistance for these OSHA requirements contact Arc Flash Consultants today.