Why Are My Contact Lenses Uncomfortable and What Should I Do?

Optometrists and Opticians usually don’t understand the need for the patient-optician relationship. And that relationship is a very intimate one. As a lifetime specs-wearer, it sure best contact solution best contact solution as heck feels VERY intimate when I’m sitting in your chair, you’re shining weird lights inside my eyes and magically changing that chart from foggy to crystal with a shadow along with a click. And Internet-only glasses vendors cannot have that relationship… so just why include the Internet-only vendors making increasingly-massive profits, year on year, with the expense of our Independent Opticians on the street?

Myopia is now more predominant – some could even say it is an epidemic. Myopia (nearsightedness) has risen in the US population by 66% over the last thirty years. The World Health Organization has categorized myopia with cataract, macular degeneration, infectious disease and vitamin A deficiency as one of the leading causes of blindness and vision impairment on earth. Myopia is divided into two groups – low and high. The low group is about -6.00 diopters in correction and the high (or pathological) group is higher than -6.00. The pathological group has a greater incidence of potentially blinding conditions including macular degeneration, retinal detachment, glaucoma, lack of visual acuity and color sensitivity. The prevalence of myopia varies by ethnic group reaching all the way to 70-90% in Singapore. In Japan roughly over a million people are afflicted by an image impairment connected with high myopia that cannot be adequately corrected with glasses or contact lenses. The prevalence of pathological myopia in most population based studies is as high as 3% with the population. In addition to the visually disabling effects would be the economic costs – not merely for the treatment costs but also to the loss of income on account of visual disability. Since no universally accepted treatments are actually capable of turnaround for the structural changes of pathological myopia (the lengthening in the eyeball and thinning of the retina) it’s for ages been the goal of research scientists in vision and ophthalmologists and optometrists to understand the factors contributing to the telltale devastating changes in the structure in the eyeball and also to devise therapeutic strategies. The common solution of wearing glasses or contact lenses is temporary since many children is certain to get worse each year, causing more blur and thicker and heavier lenses.

3) Try to avoid buy 1 pair only per shipping- you may already know, the vendor always offer you a better rate + Free gift if you buy 3 pairs or above from their store. Well, maybe you will say: ‘I only need 1 set of two lens at the moment, is OK I don’t mind to purchase the shipping fee’. If you think like that, I will urge you to re-consider again! You are aware that every certain period of time, we should instead dispose the existing one and change it with new pairs of contacts. So, does one see the point here? Let’s say if you buy 3 pairs and get the best deal from it, you’re actually saving at least $X dollar per pair+ Shipping Fee+ earning the freebie from the owner! (Which approximately save 30% per pair) Moreover, you might be able to try the various model/color and find the one which are perfect for your outlook!

Lens designers have come on top of several contacts that hopefully will be worn during the night time. These lenses typically should be dumped weekly plus they are a bit more expensive than other weekly disposable lenses. Although these lenses feel at ease to settle in, you will need to comply with your disposal schedule to avoid irritation and also to prevent infection.

Never overwear your make of lens. By this I mean not only daily wearing times(or overnight wear if your employing an extended wear contact lens), however the use for time, i.e don’t wear an everyday disposable more often than once or attempt to get that extra outing of your monthly disposables. They’re called these names to get a reason you realize!