Why You Should Start an Internet Business Today

However, economists believe that when America faces hard economic times, or a recession, then this wealth diagram changes shape. It changes from a diamond shape to an hourglass shape. The base and top of the hourglass becomes wider because one of two things happen to the people who are living between below par and above par income. The people in this income range either out spend their monetary means or they learn to develop other streams of income.
Americans are consumers by nature. We’d rather spend $1000 on clothing, jewelry and entertainment instead of investing that money towards something that could give us a better lifestyle in the future. We want to feel happy all the time. We want self-fulfillment now! And this is why we are poor as a nation.
There is a great book titled Why We Want You To Be Rich by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki that explains everything that I just shared with you, including why two multi-millionaires want YOU to be rich.
The reason I mention this book is not just because it helps explain what happens during a recession, but these two millionaires devote an entire chapter in this book to why it is a good reason to start a internet business. Think about that. Why would two real estate millionaires promote starting a internet business? Robert Kiyosaki states in the book that starting a internet business is a great way for industry people “who want to change and get the necessary skills and attitude training to be successful…”(p.305).
Anyone can start a internet business, but to be successful you must want to change and to achieve that change you will need SKILLS and TRAINING. Would you be willing to spend a few hours every day now if you could live the lifestyle you always wanted in 2-5 years? What if a multi-millionaire asked you that same question? How would that make you feel?
If you’re hesitant to start a internet business, read my article titled What’s In Your Home Business.
This will help you on your search towards choosing the right internet business for you.
Don’t be like all the other sand in the recession hourglass. Learn how to rise to the top!
Scott Gustafson
E-Business Expert
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